“Honestly interesting everyday music than runs style gamuts around the pedestrian eclectics people are always raving about…” – Charles Nickels – Pinpoint Music

A tastefully weird, out-of-time local gem straight from the city’s underground…” – Tracy Mamoun – The Deli Magazine

“A unique sound that caters to audiences ranging from film-makers, circus performers, prog/metal/rock/classical music fans to thousands of passersby in the subway stations.” – Bass Player Magazine

“Beautiful, strange, and challenging music that makes people stop, look, and listen long enough to get hooked…” – Invisible Oranges

“There’s a nostalgic, vaudevillian quality to the band’s propulsion…along with a very strong current of classical composition, you can point to Primus, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Harry Houdini as inspirations..” – Bass Player Magazine

“Succeeds in taking your musical tastes on an unusual journey where the familiar is transformed before your very ears.”- Daniel Streetiam – Street I Am

“Assuredly, the lovers of strange, experimental, atmospheric, imaginative and instrumental music will revel in this alum and the band in general.” – Thanos G | Grande Rock 

“There’s a lot more to be amazed by in the different uses of the bass strings, or the complex, at times delirious articulations around the ‘somewhat familiar’.” – Tracy Mamoun – The Deli Magazine

“You Bred Raptors? mix alternative rock, heavy rock and classical music to wonderful effect…” – Remy C. – The Best of Music and Film

“One of the band’s major accomplishments is their ability to tackle challenging harmonic relationships and to weave in relentless percussion with classical sophistication…”  Anthony Moore – The WG News