You Bred Raptors? – Boomerang {8 String Bass Playthrough}

Here is an 8-string bass playthrough video for our song “Boomerang” off of our upcoming new album “Grant”.

‘Epileptic’ Peat Rains composed and arranged this piece and shows us how it is played with some elegance and some freaking class.

Tech Specs: Conklin Custom “Epileptic Eight String” Bass. The bass is 8 strings (F# – E ~ low to high), 28 frets, Swamp ash body, ebony neck, bubinga top, 3 Delano pickups, and custom inlays designed by our graphic designer Kaptain Carbon (

NOTE: This is a live performance mixed with our recording. But our playing style is partly improvisational so no two performances are the same. Excuse any ‘flam’ sounds of the two overlapping. At other parts of the playthrough it became muddy trying to line up four performances so just sit back and enjoy the show.

Song available for download/stream and album at: 

Song Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Eric Castillo at Nada Recording Studios (

Film Shot, Produced and Edited by John McClellan (

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