Coronavirus Update

AHOY! It’s been a bit since our last correspondence. We genuinely hope everyone is safe and healthy. Our apologies for the radio silence. We. as a band, made a concerted effort this year to focus on writing new music and tuning out some of the noise that often comes with constant adherence to social media and its ever-evolving nature. Focused touring, new material and taking the band to exciting new areas was top priority for us as the calendar page fell to the floor back in January. The universe, however, had different plans.
Like many other bands, our world was put on hold in mid March when this country finally started taking Coronavirus seriously. Our Spring tour was officially canceled, along with headlining festival dates throughout the summer and exciting Fall shows now at best are hanging in limbo. Personally, the members of this band lost jobs, income, and had vacation and other parts of life indefinitely put on hold. The self-pity was short lived as we started to see the magnitude of what was happening globally. We hunkered down through quarantine with our fellow humans and are continuing to ride out the storm.
Music and art in general sometimes shines brightest in the darkest times. As cheesy as that sounds, seeing some of the art unfold during this plague has been inspiring and reassuring. This band has always had a crazy work-horse mentality. It has come through with the most resilience when against the ropes or under the gun. While we are a very tour-oriented and live music kind of a band, we want to add to this grand renaissance of solitary revival. With the stage performance up in the air for the first time in any living person’s lives, we will go back to the drawing board and adapt. It has been tough to figure out a way to transition this band to a digital only platform while the earth heals itself. We are scattered, self isolating and scrambling to find new sources of income to survive. But, music has never been more important to us. We are pushing past the inevitable depression, lack of motivation, monotony of loneliness, pain of uncertainty and very real fear to come out as better people and a better band.
What started as a strategic step back from social media while planning new battle tactics has morphed into something entirely different. We started 2020 with a fresh new outlook and regrouping of efforts. The band has grown and the members have as well. This was supposed to be a monumental year for us. Plans of celebrating our ten year anniversary with the world was on the forefront of our minds. When the band was formed in 2010, we could have never thought of the amount of fans, cities visited, albums sold, and milestones that we would accumulate. But accomplishments fade in the cutthroat industry of music. What doesn’t, however, are the people you’ve reached. And hearing from them during a global pandemic has been both humbling and gracious. We miss getting in our soccer mom van and touring both new and familiar stops across the United States. That’s what we do best. It’s where we feel most at home, is far away from our own and sharing this with the extended family we’ve grown. The band typically doesn’t get too serious on these posts but I think we are all collectively frustrated with the lack of leadership, clear direction and all of the political nonsense associated with Covid-19. But, we can also attest to the strength and overall demeanor of people in this country. From all corners we have all witnessed how awesome people can be and hope that wins the battle.
We are being asked by friends and fans how they can help us during this event. We want everyone to donate first to local food banks, healthcare workers, essential frontline people and scientific avenues hellbent on keeping the world turning on its axis during this. If, after that, you still want to help us out, (you know, since we were wearing masks WAY BEFORE it was so hip and trendy), then you can always purchase some of our digital music on Bandcamp. Please refrain from buying any physical merch as the shipping delays are bonkers right now. Plus, the Post Office was scary BEFORE all this so we don’t even want to imagine it now. We also have a Donate button on our website. But again, there are far more people that deserve that more than us.
We are discussing a quarantine show and figuring out logistics and technology associated with that to make it both feasible and quality for everyone. We will be releasing details for our 10 Year anniversary show as soon as the postponement date becomes available. It’s been a wild decade and the start of this next one is already off to a thrilling start.
Stay safe, wash your stupid hands, listen to science and we will see you on the other side of all this.

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