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The REAL Miracle Workers of Jurassic Park…

You Bred Raptors? is a three piece band with the Music Under New York program busking with legal permits in New York City. They are an orchestral post rock ensemble made up of 8 string bass, cello, glockenspiels and drums.
Recently, the band has performed with Yoko Ono at her One Woman Show at the Museum of Modern Art, near sold-out shows at Gramercy Theater, the Bowery Ballroom, House of Yes, Knitting Factory, Brooklyn Bazaar, played close to 60 cities since 2015, performed and spoken at an official TED Talk, commissioned to be the house band for ADULT SWIM at Comic Con and provided soundtrack/scoring for TROMA Pictures. They have played alongside Spoon, Thank You Scientist Kellindo Parker (Janelle Monae), Secret Chiefs 3, Snarky Puppy, Consider the Source, Too Many Zooz, Big Something, Stu Hamm, I Fight Dragons, The Protomen, Bear McCreary (composer for the Walking Dead) and Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), and were featured in Bass Player MagazineBass Musician MagazineGood Day New YorkWNYC Radio, in The EconomistThe Atlantic MagazineStrings Magazine and Bass Guitar Magazine. The band has residencies across the boroughs including being a house band at the off-Broadway show “Sleep No More”.



Tara Hanish

Tara is like the coolest Cellist I know. I think she’s way better than that Lindsey Stirling violinist. She can flip her hair like sooooo much better and can change a tire like a pro. I’ve seen it. She has an excellent choice in footwear and her storytelling abilities are well known south of the Mason Dixon line. She’s only forgotten her bow at a show once thus making her YBR’s favorite cellist to date.


Peat Rains

Peat Rains began his musical odyssey at the age of 8. Upon realizing at a young age that drawing inside the lines was for chumps, he chose to forgo traditional guitar in favor of the ugly stepchild of the string family; the bass. After starting and fronting many bands throughout high school and early college, Peat was signed as a solo bass player to the Philadelphia based Shaman Records shortly after turning 21.  While attending college, Peat founded a band called “This Place is Haunted” which in addition to writing original songs, arranged and performed themes from every video game consul as well as television and movie themes.

Around this time Peat had begun to exclusively focus on playing a rare, custom 8-string bass. With a tuning range of a grand piano and an already established talent for looping and layering, his sound morphed into an orchestral soundscape, different and improvised at each show. Upon graduating college at Penn State University with a degree in Sociology, Peat moved to Brooklyn, NYC.

In 2010, Peat’s new project “You Bred Raptors?” was accepted into the coveted Music Under New York program. Competing against a crowd of 600 applicants for a scarce 14 spots to earn a lifetime permit to perform in New York’s metro system. In addition to busking, Peat and You Bred Raptors? have contributed music to film, television and theater in and around New York City.


Conklin Guitars, Curt Mangan Strings, Gruv Gear Fret Wraps, Keyser Capos, Boss Pedals, Line 6, RAT Distortion, MXR Pedals, Monster Cables

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KC Solaris

As of 2016, Kc took over the drumming duties for You Bred RAptors?  According to legend, they were a “match” on tinder, met at a dimly lit bar, and the rest is history.  KC also moonlights as drummer for The Lost Planet Airmen Band, (greenpoint gallery house band) as well as jams frequently with other NYC based musicians.

From 2012-2015 (while releasing solo music), KC was a world touring Tabla player in the New age and Kirtan scene criss crossing the country with many different artists. During this time KC played with Grammy Performer Nina Rao, Brooklyn trio Kirtan Soul Revival, Kundalini new age star Ajeet Kaur, Flamenco master Eddy Nataraj and Brooklyn’s Devadas quite regularly. While playing with countless other artists during this time, KC also has played solo for hundreds of yoga classes, yoga retreats in Jamaica and Mexico, as well as joining other musicians at festivals such as SXSW, Bhakti Fest, Evolve Fest, Lightning in a Bottle and many more.

at the beginning of 2017, kc solaris has released four self produced, internationally released albums ranging from the world/electronic genre to electronic rock. (Aquarials, Ammaticum, Omagine, and Hanguna Pantabla). Kc plays all instruments on these releases.

Kc has also worked to facilitate events in NYC and Boston with his Tabla mentor Aloke Dutta (teacher of drummers for Tool, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, and Bella Fleck), New Age top seller Snatum Kaur, and put together the first Brookln Kirtanpalooza festival in 2013.

In 2012 Kc’s penchant for the arts and exploratory creative thinking led him to the Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, NY where he became a featured Artist in Residence. Since then he has worked alongside legendary artist Linda Scott (creator of the Stargazer in the Hamptons, NY, and teaching assistant for Joseph Campbell) and Visionary director of the gallery, artist and musician Shawn James. During this time KC has assisted in putting on hundreds of shows at the Non-Profit art space as well as coordinate many other events.

As an actor, Kc has small roles in NYC Indie films Halfway Home, and Balls for Brooklyn.