BIGGGG Show Announcements!




Make sure you check out our upcoming events page to see some of the totally bodacious shows we have this summer. First, we’ll be back in Pittsburgh on June 28th with our comrades, Consider the Source, at the Rex Theater, courtesy of Grey Area Productions… and whaaaaaa? The show is FREEEE. Get your tickets. It’s gonna sell out. We’ll be circling back to play our favorite Harrisburg joint, JB’s Lovedrafts Micropub on June 29th.

Pittsburgh –

Harrisburg –


Next we’ll be back with John from CTS at the 8×10 in Baltimore on June 12th. Expect some crazy bassing going on that night.

Baltimore –

Then we’ll be back in NYC at the Brooklyn Bazaar with Thank You Scientist and In the Presence of Wolves on June 18th. This is a nerdy, prog show two years in the making so don’t miss it!

Brooklyn –

The end of July has us back in Long Island for the first time in over two years at Amityville Music Hall with Lines in the Sky on July 29th.
Long Island –

Finally, we have a HUUUUUGE show at the esteemed Bowery Ballroom, courtesy of Bowery Presents. We’ll be co-headlining the show with the New Tarot and the U.S. Americans. Come out and support this show so we can finally use the verb hobknobbing in the first person, will ya?

Manhattan –



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