DSC_5099YBR? Founder Peat Rains began his musical odyssey at the age of 8. Realizing at a young age that drawing inside the lines wasn’t his style, he chose to forego traditional guitar in favor of the ugly stepchild of the string family; the bass. Throughout high school and early college, Peat started and fronted many bands, including This Place is Haunted, which, in addition to writing original songs, arranged and performed themes from every video game console as well as television and movie themes. Shortly after turning 21, Peat was signed as a solo bass player to Philadelphia-based Shaman Records.

While in college, Peat began to focus exclusively on playing a rare, custom, 8-string bass with the tuning range of a grand piano. With Peat’s already established talent for looping and layering, his sound morphed into an orchestral soundscape; different and improvised at each show. Upon graduating college at Penn State University with a degree in Sociology, Peat moved to Brooklyn, NYC.

In 2010, Peat’s then-new project, “You Bred Raptors?” was accepted into the coveted Music Under New York program, competing against a crowd of 600 applicants for a scarce 14 spots to earn a lifetime permit to perform in New York’s metro system. In addition to busking and performing at live music venues across NYC, Peat and You Bred Raptors? have contributed music to film, television and theater.

Peat has collaborated with Conklin Guitars to develop a signature 8-string bass, designed and produced to his own custom specifications. He also has his own line of signature bass guitar strings; Epileptic Peat Raptor Fences, produced by Curt Mangan Fusion Matched Strings.