You bred raptors busking in Union Square

The REAL Miracle Workers of Jurassic Park…

We are a three piece instrumental busking band out of New York City. Our songs are crafted with 8-string bass, cello, drums and two glockenspiels. The compositions have a heavy, post-rock, experimental, film score-like sound. Through tireless performance in the NYC subways with the Music Under New York program (MUNY), we are dedicated to reaching every demographic possible. Because the majority of our CDs are sold in the subway, our music is all over the globe and we have dedicated fans in dozens of countries. In some of the locations we play, hundreds of thousands of people will pass through the turnstiles every hour. As a band, we have played over 350 shows in the subway alone.

In addition to busking, we thrive in a variety of artistic mediums: We have worked as a pit orchestra for a NYC theater group, and we have been commissioned to score the upcoming feature film from TROMA Pictures, as well as 6 independent films produced by PVAF Films throughout 2014 – 2015.


Bryan Wilson on cello


Bryan Wilson is a cellist, composer, and author from Teaneck, New Jersey.  He began playing cello at the age of 9 and quickly realized that the instrument was the perfect match for him. Though classically trained, Bryan gravitated towards learning alternative and contemporary styles of cello playing while in high school. He felt constrained by just playing classical music and decided to start composing in order to fully express his musical vision.

A graduate of the California Institute of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cello Performance and Music Composition, his education allowed him to create his own voice as a cellist, composer, and comedian. His compositions are inspired by a variety of different types of music including: hip-hop, rock, electronic, and classical music. Upon becoming a member of You Bred Raptors? in 2011, Bryan used his extensive knowledge of cello and unique compositional skills to help Epileptic Peat craft the songs that are the signature sound of the band today.


Cello circa 1920 Europe, Bow by Alejandro Bacelar, Realist Pickup by David Gage, Larson Strings, D’ Addario Kaplan Strings, LR Baggs Venue DI Acoustic Guitar Direct Box and Preamp


Peat (Epileptic Peat) Rains

Peat “Epileptic Peat” Rains began his musical odyssey at the age of 8. Upon realizing at a young age that drawing inside the lines was for chumps, he chose to forgo traditional guitar in favor of the ugly stepchild of the string family; the bass. After starting and fronting many bands throughout high school and early college, Peat was signed as a solo bass player to the Philadelphia based Shaman Records shortly after turning 21.  While attending college, Peat founded a band called “This Place is Haunted” which in addition to writing original songs, arranged and performed themes from every video game consul as well as television and movie themes.

Around this time Peat had begun to exclusively focus on playing a rare, custom 8-string bass. With a tuning range of a grand piano and an already established talent for looping and layering, his sound morphed into an orchestral soundscape, different and improvised at each show. Upon graduating college at Penn State University with a degree in Sociology, Peat moved to Brooklyn, NYC.

In 2010, Peat’s new project “You Bred Raptors?” was accepted into the coveted Music Under New York program. Competing against a crowd of 600 applicants for a scarce 14 spots to earn a lifetime permit to perform in New York’s metro system. In addition to busking, Peat and You Bred Raptors? have contributed music to film, television and theater in and around New York City.


Conklin Guitars, Curt Mangan Strings, Gruv Gear Fret Wraps, Keyser Capos, Boss Pedals, Line 6, RAT Distortion, MXR Pedals, Monster Cables