New Pedal and Pedalboard Endorsement!

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We are stoked to announce that our 8 string bassist Peat was recently endorsed by MojoHand FX and Cusack Music. Check out this amazing boutique pedal company out of Holland, Michigan.


And what good would pedals be without a pedalboard? Well, Peat was also contacted by Temple Audio about giving these new stompboxes a proper home. Their patented pedal plate technology means a cleaner look and better signal. No more crappy velcro or used chewing gum to keep the pedals in place.


Expect to see some demo videos for the pedals as well as a build video for the pedal board. We’ll have them ready to unveil on tour as well as some tour diary getting used to new configurations and sounds. Get nerdy with me on this journey, won’t ya?

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