Happy New Year of the Rooster!

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Hey y’all! It’s been awhile since we posted on here. But being the Year of the Cock, we just had to say hello. We have some awesome things coming up at YBR? HQ for 2017. In no particular order, we are working on a new music video for an unreleased song, mixing and mastering our new album, releasing said new album in May (!!!!) and doing our longest tour to date to support that. WHEEWWWW! That’s a ton to undertake. 


We just finished an awesome show with jam powerhouses Flux Capacitor at DROM. This was our first show for the booking agency Creative Entertainment Group and it could not have gone better. You can check out the photos from there HERE. It was a rad crowd with great vibes and even better bands to share the stage. We’ll most likely be planning a CD release show with them. We have assured them that we will sleep with WHOMEVER we have to make it in this business. 


Just catching up, we have some awesome new merch to show off. It’s winter and the political climate is very cold. The real climate is actually very much a concern for a lot of biologists, scientists and meteorologists  JUST FINE. So because of that, we have these bitchin, brand new hoodies.



Also, to help any of the functioning lushes in your life, we have some custom shot glasses. These are limited edition, double sided, extra large shot glasses. 


You can check out all of our merch HERE. And if you feel like getting more involved, you can go to our new Patreon Page to help us on this crazy journey.  On here you can get custom merch, unreleased songs, behind the scenes videos and other exclusive stuff.  Any little bit helps! I know… that sounded sad and beggy, didn’t it? I apologize. We’ll love you either way. 

As always, please keep up with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds to keep up with where we are at and all of our goings-on. Stay tuned for some big show announcements and tour dates as well as new album info. Stay positive in this incredibly negative time in America. Be productive and creative and be excellent to each other. 


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